Friday, 6 August 2004

Here goes.....

Hello. Here I am in the strange world of the Blog. I always used to ask my sister to buy me a diary every Christmas, but I'd get to February & I'd already be 2 weeks behind.....! I guess as I'm much quicker at typing it should be easier to keep up to date more regularly ;o)

I got absolutely NO stitching done yesterday. Not even one little stitch. Oh I'm bad, yes I know!! I put it all down to my new mobile phone which arrived yesterday. Once I'd got in from work, it was fully charged & crying out to be twiddled about with. So by the time I'd added all my contacts & texted them to tell them of my new toy, er, mobile number, and once I'd fiddled about with the wallpaper, ringtone, graphics colours, tried the camera etc etc etc it was about 11pm. Whoosh! Where did the evening go? It went into my new little pal :o)

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