Wednesday, 8 September 2004

Blog neglect.....

Ooops. I didn't mean to do it - it just sort of happened last week. Poor Blog. I'm sorry. I won't do it again... honest!

Whilst I've been neglecting my Blog I've been on my trip to the lovely not so LNS. It was wonderful - everything I expect an NS to be. Lots of stitched up models on the walls, drawing your attention to designs or designers you've never considered stitching before.... stitching goodies hanging from every wall.... and a friendly, helpful team of staff. Shame its not a bit closer. Though much as it was nice to look at all the goodies, I kept comparing it to US ONS's - its just so much cheaper to order online from the US & get it shipped over here! Take Needle Necessities threads - I love 'em, keep adding them to my growing collection when I can. Over here you will pay around £3 per skein. On most US ONS's they're around $3.25 per skein which works out to around £1.80. I ordered some from a store which was having a 20% off sale over the weekend, which made them just £1.47 each! Thats less than half what they cost in the UK! I guess the mark up in the UK must be high, although they must be including what it costs to ship them over here in the first place to the price, but that doesn't bode well for us UK stitchers. I'm sure many of us will keep ordering online from the US unless our LNS's wake up to what's going on.

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Faith Ann said...

Wow, that's expensive!

I complain about the cost of supplies in Canada too (compared to the US) but then I look at a UK or Australian site and can't believe the prices I see there.

I'm going on vacation in the US next week...and the only thing I want to buy is cheaper DMC!