Monday, 31 January 2005

Petal Fairy & Feathers too!

I've finally started my Mirabilia Petal Fairy conversion :oD I'm stitching her in shades of rose & lilac and after around 4 days of frogging & re-stitching, I've finally found the shades that seem to work ok together! It was quite hard to find shades that went together as some were too overpowering against the other colours - Nora Corbett makes it seem so easy! My first progress scan is now under my WIP links in the side bar, so you can take a peek. I think she's going to be a quick stitch as I've completed a fair bit more since that scan on Saturday. I may do another picture at the end of this week.

Whilst I'm on the subject of Mirabilia.... Nora's new design The Feather Fairy was released today. On the whole I quite like it - she's very pretty & quite imp-like, in the same sort of way as Petal Fairy. I like her pose & the feathered skirt - the blues are absolutely gorgeous! But its the wings for me that let it down. Some of the wings in Nora's older designs were exquisitely done, but these just don't look right IMHO. I will definitely be buying her though at some point, but she's not a screamer right now.

I'm off to a UK stitchers gtg this weekend & am really looking forward to it! I've met quite a few UK stitchers online in the past year & it'll be great to finally put faces to some of the names. I expect there will be quite a few WIPs there that will enable me!!

I have bought a few bits of stash recently - mainly fabric, but I've also ordered a 2005 Hand Dyers Association Collaboration Pack which has been despatched today, so fingers crossed it might be with me tomorrow! I'm looking forward to seeing the lovely threads & fabric.... I shall be stalking the postie for sure tomorrow morning!


Yany said...

Your Petal conversion is lovely Sam!! Have fun this weekend, what a wonderful experience!!

Gill said...

I'm sorry I will miss the GTG Sam, I was looking forward to meeting you at last! :o(

I'm stalking postie today for my collaboration pack too! (amongst soooo much other stuff ;op LOL)

Faith Ann said...

I hope your parcel arrives today...I love stitchy mail!

Your Petal conversion is looking great. I'm still not brave enough to start one, but I keep saying I'll convert something, someday. I can't wait to see your next pic of Petal.