Wednesday, 20 April 2005


Hi everyone. Long time no see eh?! I can only apologise for the lack of posting in my blog recently. Work has been busy & life has been hectic, but I'm still here - stitching away.

My stitching news is that (apart from becoming a total HAED addict) I have started a rotation! Its similar to Amy's rotation, but depending on when I get totally into stitching a certain piece, I may just carry on with what I'm doing. Its mostly a weekly rotation to fit into a month -

Week 1

Week 2
Mon: Mirabilia (this is to include the SAL weekend)
Tue - Thu: TW's Egyptian Sampler
Fri - end of week: Dracolair SAL

Week 3
Mon: end of Dracolair SAL
Tue - end of week: Chatelaine's Watergarden

Week 4/5

There are a few other projects I'd like to start, so I may end up doing a rolling rotation instead of trying to cram everything into a month. This is my first month & its working really well. I'm on my HAED weeks & I will be starting Snow Princess & the Polar Bear later today when I've finished gridding. I'm soooo looking forward to starting that one - it has to be my absolute favourite HAED chart.

What else have I been up to? I had a lovely weekend at my brothers a couple of weeks ago. My SIL, my nephews & I had a day trip up to Wimbledon (the tennis club) to have a behind the scenes tour which was great fun. We'd been before a few years ago but its a slightly different tour now as it includes the Millennium Building where all the players go. Not that we saw any! I'm going to Wimbledon on the first day & the 2nd Friday of the Championships this year as we have won tickets in the ballot. I love the atmosphere and also like to do a bit of celebrity spotting! We even saw Fergie (Sarah Ferguson - ex Duchess of York) there one year. Everyone always asks me if I was there the day Cliff Richard sang and no I wasn't! For those who didn't know - it was raining so much one particular day several years ago that Cliff Richard who was in the crowd in the Royal Box decided to entertain people by SINGING! (It would be enough to drive me away I think!). And various tennis players sang backing vocals for him. I say - get the Centre Court roof on asap incase he does it again!! ;o)


Amy said...

Looks like we'll be working on pretty much the same things each month! At least the same designers, just different designs. Maybe we're each other's stitching counterparts? lol

Mindy said...

I've been looking at the HAED site and there are definitely some gorgeous designs there. If I ever stitch one I'm going with the Snow Princess design, also. It's beautiful!

Faith Ann said...

I suppose, since you've been so busy, you can be forgiven for not blogging in such a long time :)

Your rotation idea sounds like a good schedule...although, if you have become an HAED addict, you might have to set more weeks aside for them!