Monday, 13 June 2005

I'm back!

My goodness - its nearly 2 months since I last blogged. Life I guess has just got in the way of things. I've been busy decorating, working, stitching.... I've updated my WIP list in the sidebar & there are now a couple of new entries - Celtic Spring which I started a couple of weeks ago & happens to be my favourite project so far this year, and also I've added my Snow Princess WIP.

You may remember a while ago I mentioned that my best friend that I've known since I was 8 years old was moving to the other end of the country. Well, it finally happened last month. I stitched this for her:

She was very touched (I hope!) & I now know that it is sitting proudly on the wall of her new home. We've been through alot together over the years & it seems strange to think that she's not living around the corner from me anymore :o( I'm off up to see her at the end of August though, so am looking forward to that immensely!

Wimbledon has finally come around again too - this time next week I will probably be on my way home from a wonderful day on Centre Court, providing there's no rain of course! The draw/play list hasn't been announced yet, but we do know we will get to see Roger Federer - last years champ as it is tradition that the champ gets to play first on Centre Court the following year. I'm looking forward to those strawberries too! ;o)

The EZBoard world seems still to be reeling from the awful hacker attack which was now nearly 2 weeks ago. Who would have thought that it would create such chaos in the communities? The Mirabilia board was hit especially badly & I desperately hope that all the lost information can be recovered. There were so many wonderful colour conversions listed on the board for stitchers to utilise & it would be a huge loss to the stitching world if that information was lost completely.

My naughty car has been costing me a few pennies over the last few weeks - firstly there was the servicing a few weeks ago, then 2 weeks ago it failed its MOT & I had to get some new tyres & bulbs and then today I had to have a new exhaust fitted. I wouldn't mind, but it really is getting on in years, although its in excellent condition, but the exhaust probably cost more than the car is worth in the first place! I hope that will be all it needs for a while because.....

... I've booked my holiday for next April, with my brother, SIL & my 2 teenage nephews - we're going to New York city for a week!!!! I am rather excited (as you might be able to tell!!). Its been a few years since I've been to the US & I can't wait to go & see all the sights I've wanted to see for years. I also hope that some of you lovely US stitchers will be kind enough to tell me if there are any great stitching shops in the local area that I can go & see..... ;o)


Amy said...
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Amy said...

Nice to see you again Sam! I know how it is to be busy - I haven't been around much lately either. So many summer activities! I hate that you will be visiting the US and you won't be close enough to arrange a meeting :( I've only been to NYC once myself. I know you will have fun!!