Monday, 13 February 2006

Great weekend!

Well, we had a lovely weekend. I have to admit that its been pretty hectic so I didn't get any stitching time in at all! We didn't end up going to the bird sanctuary on Saturday as planned - I had such a long day Friday & I'm not sleeping that well right now, so really couldn't handle a long drive. We went out to The Spotted Cow at Angmering village which has possibly the best pub grub I've ever had & then went walking around Swanmore Lake which is the Wildfowl & Wetlands trust at Arundel. Unfortunately the surrounding earth seems to be soaking up the lake as it was extremely muddy! My poor lil Nikes were just caked in this strange white, chalky mud!! It was such a lovely day though that we didn't really mind too much.

First thing yesterday I noticed a wet patch on the landing. It had been raining a bit overnight & suddenly I spotted it coming through the ceiling when a large drop decided to SPLAT on top of my head! So cue Andy up a ladder, hoisting himself into the loft with a large bucket to catch the water and me, holding said ladder with a worried expression on my face. We have a leak in the roof somewhere so I guess it'll be up to the insurance people to sort it out.

After our early morning little adventure yesterday, we visited the cross stitch show. Can you guess what happened? Who came out laden with bags & who didn't?!! Yes - Andy found some great books full of various styles of designs & patterns he could use for school and sadly I couldn't find Stargazer anywhere :o((((( At every other UK show I've been to, both Victoria's Needle & Leisurecraft (I think thats their name) have been there who sell mainly Mirabilias and Lavender & Lace designs, but they were nowhere to be seen. No-one else sold them either, so I came out empty handed. We did spot a stand with lots of Margaret Shelly designs on - not the ones with Mabel the elephant, but the ones with the cats - and they really caught Andy's eye... he loved them! Which is great as I'm sure he'll love Mabel once I've finished her. Once we left we had a delicious lunch at a nice fish restaurant on the seafront before trekking back to the bus stop in the rain. I just had to wait to get back home, then I got straight online & ordered my chart from Sew & So. ;o)


Valerie (grvlgal) said...

Hope you're able to get the roof leak sorted out quickly. I've had to deal with that before and it's no fun.

Faith Ann said...

Leaks are no fun... we have an occasional one that only shows itself if the wind is blowing in the right direction. This summer we'll need to have a carpenter or two take a look at it.

Too bad they didn't have Stargazer, but your order will be here before you know it!

Heather said...

Hope you get that leak sorted soon.