Sunday, 10 September 2006

I'm still here.

Yes, I am still around, though not very much lately. I am spending very little of my spare time on the PC at the moment, so I've been doing a bit of lurking on blogs & boards. The RSI I get in my right wrist/elbow from using a mouse is pretty painful recently & sometimes its enough to be on a PC most of the day at work. I'm still HDing with all of you though & sending hugs where necessary :o)

A huge thank you to everyone who sent hugs & warm wishes following my recent lump scare. They were really appreciated. I had my 2nd check up just over a week ago & all seems fine. My doc believed me to be quite run down & stressed which is probably effecting my immune system. I could do with a holiday & am off in 2 weeks time to go & stay with my best friend Sharon up in Yorkshire for an extended long weekend. We will be celebrating as she's just found out she's expecting again :o) They've been trying for baby no.2 for 3 years so I'm really pleased for them.

I have been doing a bit of stitching, but sadly the USB connector on my camera seems to have died totally meaning I can't upload the pics I took this morning :o( I have stitched her face and started her other arm which are over 1. I'm so pleased with how her face has turned out. I may have to get my brother to take a photo for me next time I'm visiting him & upload it that way.

I've discovered a wonderful garden nursery several miles away -
Old Barn Nurseries which has re-ignited my gardening bug! They have some beautiful Japanese Maples, some must be very old indeed as I nearly fainted when I saw the price tag on the £5,999.00 one! It was gorgeous though. They also have a fantastic pantry/restaurant which has delicious food. I can fully recommend a visit! ;o)


~Harsha~ said...

can't wait to see a progress pic! I hope you'll feel 100% soon Sam.

Susimac said...

Hope you are feeling tons better soon and that your 2nd follow up is great too. Looking forward to seeing your pics too.

Nicola said...

Sending loads of love and hugs and wishing you a speedy recovery.

Looking forward to seeing your lovely pics.

Enjoy your break in Yorkshire, relax and catch up on all the gossip!