Thursday, 6 March 2008

A bit of Taj

Yes! I have a lake and a door and a bit of outline....

Such pretty silkies! I can't wait to see the first Taj come to life. Thank you all for such lovely comments - you ladies really do keep me motivated!

I have a college assignment due this evening after a few weeks off, oops, I mean 'reading weeks'! This time last week I was really thinking of giving it up, but somehow this week it really has all come together and I finished my assignment last night. As long as it passes and I don't get referred I will be very happy. All that's left now is the BIG work-based project which is double the size of the assignment I've just completed. It has to be submitted on 25th April and I also have to do a presentation of my project to the rest of my class. Eeeeeek!

I don't think I mentioned that I have been successful with the Wimbledon ticket ballot this year and I have got tickets for Centre Court for the middle Saturday! I'm so pleased as they usually do special events on Centre on the Saturday - they've had parades of champions in the past. It's something to look forward to for after my course anyway.

Have a great weekend folks & keep on stitching! :o)


Irishenchantment said...

TAJ is great really lovely

Sally said...

I love your progress on Taj Sam. It's such a pretty piece.

Yany said...

Is so pretty Sam, congratulations!!