Sunday, 31 August 2008


I'm very sore & a bit sunburnt today after our only summer's day this year yesterday. I went to Shoreham Air Show with Andy, his brother Rob and their mum Avril and we had a great day, but despite slapping on the factor 30 it was too late. I also realised later that the sun actually went through the thin top I was wearing & I got sunburnt underneath! We had a great day though, despite the soreness. Here's a few piccies I took:

Here is (l-r) Avril, Rob and Andy in their summer hats and shades! Behind them is the Catalina flying boat.

(Right) Rob and Andy in heated discussion about whether this plane was a Chipmunk or not...

(Left) The Wingwalkers do their stuff - rather them than me!!

(Right) The RAF parachutists descending from 10,000 ft in formation.

Phew - it was quite a day! There was a celebration of the Battle of Britain which had happened on that day in 1940, so there were a number of Spitfires, Hurricanes and a Lancaster in a re-enactment. The Shoreham Air Show always occurs on the last weekend in August every year and this is the 2nd time I've been - I went a few years ago on a truly blustery day when I sat and froze all day, so I guess I have witnessed 2 extremes of weather when I've been! Unfortunately, for the people going today, we've had storms and lots of rain this morning - how strange that the weather changes so much from one day to the other. An ideal day to stay home and do some stitching... talking of which, here is my latest progress on The Guardian:

Not much progress this week unfortunately as things are quite hectic at the moment. After 3 years I'm moving out of Andy's house and moving in with my sister, who lives about 12 miles away. I'll be really sad to leave Andy's but the time is right to move on now. I'm busy packing and will be moving in about 2 weeks time. I'm really looking forward to moving in with my sister though - we used to work together and I don't see so much of her now we have different jobs. She also has a lovely dog and 3 cats, so it'll be nice to live in a house with some animals again. It also looks like I might be changing jobs soon. I need to earn a bit more and now I have my qualification from all that studying at college this last year, I should be able to get a job with much better pay. I have an interview on Wednesday, so I'll let you know how it goes! Happy stitching everyone :o)


Ginnie said...

Looks like you had a lovely day out, shame the weather has changed again today!

Little Cat said...

Good luck with the interview next week.

Guardian is looking stunning! Great photo's too :o)

Rowyn said...

Great photos of the airshow. Hope your move goes well. I work with one of my sister's too (I got her some casual work at the firm I work for 10 years ago, and they kept her on!). Good luck with the job interview.

Sally said...

The Guardian looks wonderful Sam.

Fantastic pictures from the airshow.

Hope the move to your sister's goes well and good luck with the interview.

Sharon said...

Hi Sam, best wishes for your interview and move! Guardian of course looks fab!

Karen said...

Sounds like a lot of change is on the horizon for you! Good luck with all of it, and good luck on your job interview!

Ruth said...

While I envy your beautiful wolf and your air show, I do not envy the packing and moving in the least! Good luck with it!!!!!