Sunday, 21 September 2008

Davis Cup

We had a lovely trip today up to Wimbledon, to see the Davis Cup tennis. Great Britain was playing against Austria, and although we won the first of the 2 matches today, we lost the second meaning we lost overal. We had an excellent day though and of course, I managed to get a few photos....

The first is of me and my nephew David - we all received these free inflatable sticks that you could bang together to make a really loud noise! Moi? Making a really loud noise? Surely not!!! The second is from the end of the first match which featured Andy Murray for Team GB, but I'm afraid I can't recall the name of the Austrian player. Being a nosey sort of person, we decided to have a wander after the tennis had finished to see if we could see some areas of the Wimbledon site that were cordoned off, so we tried peeking through the netting to get a glimpse of all the construction work from the installation of the Centre Court roof. There seemed to be lots of very large roof sections about the site. I can't wait to see the roof in action next year! :o)
Hoorah! Strictly Come Dancing is back!! What an autumnal tv treat :o) I wonder who will be voted out first.... aha, it's Phil Daniels! I thought Austin Healey was particularly good last night when he danced a waltz. I wonder how he'll fare with the Latin dances.
There's been a little stitching this week, but not a great deal. I will try to remember to take a photo of my progress on The Guardian to share with you as I now have my camera back!
There may be some good news on the job front, but I'm not going to mention details until it comes to fruition, so watch this space! Have a good week folks :o)


Faith Ann said...

Your trips to Wimbledon always sound like such fun!

Congratulations on your new home... good luck getting all settled in!

Sally said...

Sounds like you had a great time Sam!

Sharon said...

looks like a fun time. Glad to hear that your move went okay. It's always hard to close one door and open the next. But great things await!