Sunday, 12 October 2008

Day out at Longleat

Wow - what a day we had! The weather was beautiful and the animals were wonderful, except that is, for the evil monkeys..... Here are a few photos:

The giraffes were so sweet! I so wanted to stroke them, but we weren't able to get close enough.

The cute little tapir. We were rather amused at the signs that said the tapirs like to spray people, so we didn't hang around them for too long!

Oh how we regretted totally dismissing the Monkey Jungle warning sign.......

This is one of the evil monkeys that ripped off my roof trim, bent it into a boomerang shape and left it balanced procariously around my car aerial!! I was extremely stressed and wanted to leave the monkey enclosure but couldn't as there was quite a build up of traffic. I used to be quite phobic about monkeys but had got better when we went through the monkey area at Woburn last year. Those monkeys were quite sweet in comparison! Needless to say, my monkey phobia has returned!!

We got really close up to the camels, so much so that I thought this one was considering spitting at us!

I love the rhinos, although this one was moving closer and closer to the car which was a little unnerving. After we had passed, the traffic was momentarily stopped whilst the keepers used a bulldozer to move them back towards the fence!

Andy and I pictured in front of Longleat house. What an amazing looking house!
Here is the pathway leading through the Secret Garden. Where does that door lead I wonder....

Despite the monkey incident, we thoroughly enjoyed our day out. I've had such a lovely few days with special meals out, cakes, journeys, adventures etc.... it will be hard going back to work tomorrow I think! Have a good week everyone :o)


Aussie Stitcher said...

Happy Belated Birthday Sam. Congrats on the temp promotion at work. Guardian is coming along nicely.

Ginnie said...

Glad you had a great day... yep those monkeys are a pain!!

Sally said...

When we went to Knowlsley last year the monkeys were little beggars there. One pulled the washer jet rear windscreen of our car and others were doing damage to other cars. The rest of it was fun though; just the monkeys were pains!

Looks like you had a brilliant day though.

Kathy said...

Hey Sam, a very belated Happy Birthday hun, hope you had a great day.

Oh wow love the pics of Longleat, not far from me and willd ef be taking the boys there one day.

hugs xxxxx

Nicola said...

Monkeys (shudders) I hate the damn things!! Apart from the stress of driving through their enclosure it sounds like you had a really fun day!

Karen said...

Great pictures! Sounds like you had a wonderful day!