Sunday, 6 December 2009


It's all been quiet on the blog front recently I'm afraid. There has been zero amount of stitching going on as life is pretty hectic at the moment. We're spending every Saturday at Dad's house, trying to sort through 4 decades of rubbish and junk and it's taking much longer than first expected. I'm hoping to be finished by Christmas and then will get the house onto the market first thing in the new year. It's proving to be very emotional, as expected, but my wonderful man has been through my side throughout, helping me every step of the way. How fab is that?!!

Yes, the romance is still going very well indeed. I'm extremely happy and even my brother in law, when we went to my sister's for dinner last night said he was a nice young man and that he was a good catch!! We are looking forward to spending our first Christmas together and plan to go fossil hunting on Boxing day. Yes, fossil hunting!! I couldn't have hoped for anyone better to spend my days with really :o)


Claire said...

Glad you found Mr right :0).

Stitching Cat said...

Sam, so happy to ready your entry and know that you are in a good place! Have a very merry christmas!

Rowyn said...

Congrats on the romance :-) Fossil hunting sounds fun, hope you'll share some pics after Xmas.