Monday, 1 February 2010


It's been, er, a bit of a long time hasn't it! Sorry folks - busy life both at work and also at home. Happy Christmas, Happy New Year and Happy February!!!

All is still going well with Mr X. He has been my absolute knight in shining armour by trekking on foot into town when we had all that snow (a 20 min walk either way on a good day) to get groceries for not only me, but my two neighbours as well. He has also climbed into my loft space to set mouse traps and then removed what was caught (euch - one of the down sides of living in the countryside!). He has equipped me with his snow boots so that I could walk without falling over in the snow and when I did manage to slip over on some evil ice, landing on my elbow he looked after me. He has repaired everything in my little flat that has broken or not been working properly, and in my car too. He even narrowly missed being flung through a full length window at dad's a couple of weeks ago by the heavy wardrobe he was trying to move down the stairs on his own. The wardrobe decided it wanted to fall on its side & speed down the stairs. Thankfully Mr X is very quick on his feet and although he caught the full brunt of the wardrobe, he managed to move quick enough to stay upright and towards the window frame, avoiding the window. I asked him the next day if I was worth all the hassle, all the ups and downs (literally!) and without a second's thought he said yes. Awwww :o))) This is us on New Year's Eve. I think he looks very cheeky in this one!

I've also lost a stone in weight since we met, which can only be a good thing. We've discovered we both like walking in the countryside so I've now got a fine pair of walking boots & when life isn't quite so busy, we hope to get lots of walking in. Lots of exercise and I'm sure another stone will drop off before too long ;o)

There has even been a bit of stitching going on! I've been working on The Guardian and will share my progress soon. Happy stitching everyone!


Rowyn said...

So glad to read that things are still going great with you and Mr X.

Gorgeous photo!

jayne@~an eye for threads~ said...

Oh, do be careful walking in the snow. And how nice of MR.X to take care of everyone. Congrats on the stone throw and Be always in stitches.

Karen said...

You both look so happy! I'm glad things are going well. What exactly is a stone in American pounds? Is it something like 15 pounds???

Sharon said...

He is definitely a keeper! Nice to see you look so happy!

Sally said...

So glad to hear that things are going well for you Sam. You both look very happy.