Saturday, 2 February 2013

Got the bug...

The stitchy bug that is!  I seem to have become re-obsessed with stitching, though it could be a bit of a distraction to keep me away from my studies ;o)

I've got a couple of happy dances to share, so this post is a little photo heavy.  The first is Forest Goddess, who I finished early in the new year:

I love her bling!  She's stitched on Silkweaver's Tranquility Belfast linen with skin stitched over 1.

My other happy dance is a framing happy dance.  This is the first project in all my 20 years of cross stitching that I've ever had framed for myself - all other framed finishes have been gifts for others, so I am pleased to share photos of framed Midnight Hunting with you:

The frame looks grey, but is brushed with metallic silver and goes well with the silver inner mount inbetween the two blue mounts.  I thought my dragon was handsome anyway and now he looks magnificent!  ;o)

I've even had a new start and bought the chart & Crescent Colours for Nora Corbett's Letter S with some Christmas money.  As Nora's chart says that S is for Samantha, I just couldn't resist!

This was taken a couple of weeks ago and I've done a bit more since then.  The fabric is an old PTP colour - Fantasia on Belfast linen.

I've not done as much stitching as I'd like recently due to uni work - during Jan, Feb and March there seems to be around six things I have to work on and submit.  I like to try and relax in the evening with a little stitching though, even if I only get a dozen or so stitches in.  Today I need to work on my assignment on Performance Management, for which I did lots of research yesterday and need to get typing today.  I'd best get on with it now, so I can get to do some stitching later!


Rowyn said...

Two very stunning finishes!

Hazel said...

Hi sam. I knew I remembered you! Lovely to meet you yesterday. It was really inspiring and even my friend has been inspired to start something new - she swore she had hung up her needle after finishing the Accolade a few years back. Wish I could have joined you all this weekend but couldn't get child care. Maybe next time. Please could you email me the link to the mirabilia forum?? Thanks Hun. Hazelxxx

Samantha said...

Hi Hazel! It was great to meet you on Friday. We had a great weekend and hope you can join us next time. The UK Mirabilia forum is on Facebook here:
There's lots of photos from the weekend so you can see what we got up to!
S xxx