Thursday, 19 August 2004

Hit & Miss

I've had an up & down day today. Firstly an up - I finished working on Waiting For Ships by Mirabilia. It was a great project to work on & very quick to stitch up. From start to finish in just 6 weeks which is a record for me for a project of that size! She looks beautiful too - my first stitching on hand dyed fabric & definately not the last ;o) I will now be concentrating on Royal Holiday although I really should make a start soon on those Christmas cards I was going to do for everyone.......!

My down was that I collected a piece of stitching that had been framed. I won't go into details as its a surprise gift for someone & they've not received it yet. I go to a framers that is quite reasonably priced & some of the time the finished project is ok, but other times the standard simply isn't good enough - their service is so hit & miss! This is one of the times that I'm very disappointed. I always get the project stretched & I don't know what they've done, but it looks like they've taken a large heavy iron to it as ALL the stitches are completely fat & flattened! The recipient probably wouldn't notice as she's not a stitcher, but I know its there & it will continue to bug me. Its no good taking it back as what can they do now? The stitches are flattened beyond er, flat! As I will be giving the gift away in a few days time, I really can't be waiting around another few weeks for it to be re-framed & I'm sure there's nothing they can do about the flat stitches anyway. I have decided never to go back to them - its really heartbreaking when you've spent so much time & effort on something, then put your trust in someone else to add the finishing touches for you & they treat your work with such disregard! I'd rather pay more money to get a decent job in the first place.

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Butterfly Amy said...

so sorry you had a bad experience with the framer :(
I have never had any of my pieces professionally framed for that very reason. I take so much time on something and I'm just too scared to leave it in someones care who doesn't know about stitching or care about my project.

Anyway, I found you in a search for other stitchers and added you to my read list, hope thats OK? :)