Sunday, 15 August 2004

I've done it now!

Yes, I succumbed. Yesterday evening I splurged & ordered the Watergarden kit! Yayyyy!!! I'm so looking forward to this one. Unfortunately Kathy (from European Cross Stitch) is out of stock of one of the bicones but says she's expecting them in next week, so hopefully it won't be too long.

I'm still ploughing through my beading on Waiting For Ships. It may be a close call as to whether I run out of the pearly ones or not. I've ordered some more, just incase. Although I've also had a mini-disaster where I was stitching with a hoop. Where the hoop has rested on the #8 metallic braid it has actually worn some of the metallic off, leaving the plain white thread showing underneath! :o( I think I may just re-stitch the top half of my crosses over the existing ones as it will be quicker than unpicking the lot!! ;o)

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