Sunday, 8 August 2004

The internet is a wicked device...

...I go to work, earn my pay, wait for payday at the end of the month & what happens? There's a stitching wish list as long as my arm!!! I tend to have a monthly treat (or two.... or three...) each payday, just for that great stash enhancement feeling you get when these delightful little packages plop onto your doormat. Oh, and for the nice stitchy stuff too.

So, on a glorious day like today, what am I doing? Am I out enjoying the fresh air? Nope. I am wedged in front of my monitor, surfing the stitch sites and browsing at..... Christmas Stockings! I happened upon the new Teresa Wentzler one on a website & it got me thinking about how nice it would be to stitch one for a few friends/family & now I've seen the Just Nan ones which are gorgeously intricate so I want to make one for me too! Then my friend Gill emails me to tell me she's finally found a Chatelaine design she likes, so I go & drool over the Watergarden design yet again, which is my favourite.... and before you know it I've already spent my pay thrice over and its still over 2 weeks till payday! Yes siree... the internet is a wicked device.


Gill said...

LOL Sam! Don't blame me!!


Sylvie said...

I have Watergarden to stitch too, only the online chart, hope I'll receive all supplies for Christmas and then start quickly! Hugs from France.