Sunday, 8 August 2004

Be(ad) off with you.

Beading. I don't loathe it like I do back-stitching, but its not one of my favourite stitchy things to do in the scheme of things. I've been very slowly beading my Waiting For Ships since Wednesday & yesterday I ended up unpicking some of the little blighters. I made the mistake of stitching in bad light & thought the little pearly wonders would look fine stitched on with a thread that was a similar colour to the fabric of the piece, but then yesterday when I picked her up again to continue 'EEEK EEEK EEEK EEEK EEEK EEEK EEEK' (Psycho shower music moment) I could see the coloured thread sticking out inbetween the pearly wonders! So I ended up removing about half of them & restitching them with Ecru coloured thread instead. I'm much happier with them, but its just the time it takes when I'm not the speediest of beaders anyway. I know.... where's that superglue?!! ;o)

I did have a nice stitchy moment yesterday though. I gathered all the threads & things together for a new start - Royal Holiday also by Mirabilia :o) I love starting new projects & I took this one with me to work on my night shift. Fortunately I can stitch all night if I want to (inbetween telephone calls - I'm a telephonist) but after a few hours your eyes have really had it! So I got a little done & I must say I love the colours in this piece. I think it'll take a while to stitch but will be worth every single minute.

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