Sunday, 12 September 2004

Stitching Blogger's QOTW: Er… what do you do again??

Most of my friends & family are quite switched onto cross stitch as several of them are stitchers themselves, or if they're not they will have received a cross stitch gift in some shape or form from someone who is.

I hear lovely stories from the stitching community about stitchers stitching in the open air & getting genuinely interested people asking about what they're doing. I don't think that non-stitchers really know what the differences are between the different stitching arts - cross stitch, tapestry, needlepoint etc etc, but I think people as a whole are astonished at the amount of detail & work that goes into a stitching project. The designs that we have now are so advanced/more detailed than when I started stitching around 12 years ago. Can they get any better? Its hard to see how, but I'm sure in another 12 years time there will be a huge difference again. Me for one - I can't wait for that future! :o)

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sam said...

Hi cool blog.Just thought Id have a look coz I love cross stitch too! Im already excited about xmas cross stitching!
Im only 20 but have done it most of my life.All my friends think its boring[probably coz their too thick to do it!]
If you no any good stitch sites then let me no.Check out my blog if u like sam xxxx