Friday, 31 December 2004

Last Blog Entry of 2004.

This is it. My last blog entry for 2004. It's been quite a year! Stitch-wise I feel that I have advanced a hundred-fold from where I was this time last year & that is mainly due to the time I spend with fellow stitchers online, being enabled by them and learning of different designers or new techniques I'd not heard of before. My stash has gotten out of control, lol! I've been setting up a folder to log all my projects & details about them. I used to have them all in a hardback book, but it was running out of pages, plus there was no easy way to remove entries for kits/charts I'd sold on as my taste had changed. Setting up my folder has made me realise I really ought to stop buying more charts & concentrate on the ones I have already!!

I am looking foward to starting Midnight Hunting and if all goes well on my night shift tonight, I will start him at midnight! :o) It feels like an age since I started something new, even though it isn't. There are so many charts in my stash I would like to make a start on this year, I'd better buy some of those smokin' needles! ;o)

I had some sad news this afternoon. One of my friends lost her dad to cancer a couple of days ago. He had been ill for about a year although he was told he had just 6 months left, so at least his family got a few more cherished months with him. They will be in my thoughts & prayers.

Well, that's it for 2004. Thanks to everyone for reading my Blog this year, even though I have neglected it a few times here & there.... I promise to try harder next year! Here's to a happy & healthy 2005 for everyone.


Amy said...

Happy New Year Sam! I'm so glad we've gotten to know each other through our posts, and I've enjoyed reading your blog. Here's hoping 2005 is even better! Cheers!

Faith Ann said...

Happy New Year Sam!

Good luck getting your stash under control...although it's much more fun when it's not under control!