Friday, 14 January 2005

Mirabilia SAL progress

I thought I'd best update my Blog with my progress after the Mirabilia SAL last weekend, so I've just updated my link in the side bar to the latest photo for those who haven't already seen the link on the Mirabilia BB. Since that photo I've finished the Wisper thread on the right & am working on her brown sash. I soooooo want to finish her and start a new Mirabilia. I'm also itching to do a colour conversion & have lots of ideas for different projects so I need to get tossing those flosses!

It's my nearest (in age) sister's birthday tomorrow - the one I went to Egypt with. She shares it with another friend of mine & I've noticed recently how alot of my relatives have their birthdays on the same day as my friends! I have three very good friends indeed & two of them have their birthdays on the same date as two of my nephews. Isn't it weird?!!! Or maybe its just normal! I popped over with my sister's gift & cards earlier.... I say popped - she lives about a 45min drive away, but as I travelled home during rush hour, it took me over an hour :o( Unfortunately I'm working tomorrow night so won't be able to see her then. Her husband is an ex-army chef & years ago he used to make us these delicious pizzas from scratch - making the base & everything. Yum! Anyway, she's having a few friends over tomorrow evening & he is going to make pizzas for them. I hope she saves me a slice! ;o)


Yany said...

Sam. happy birthday for your sister!! enjoy the pizza ;)

Faith Ann said...

RH is looking awesome! She looks great on that sparkly fabbie.

Hope they saved you a slice...just thinking about pizza makes me hungry (and it's almost my bedtime!).