Sunday, 9 January 2005


Woo-hoooooo! I'm so excited & I just had to share it.... I am now one of the moderators on the Mirabilia Bulletin Board, for the General forum along with a stitcher named Lynn, whom I don't yet know very well, but we've got a great forum to moderate between us so I'm sure we'll do fine. Its the first time I've been a moderator, so excuse me being as giddy as a.... er.... ummm...... lol! I was going to quote Alison Doody from Indiana Jones & the Last Crusade when she tells Indy that his father was as giddy as a schoolboy, but maybe that's not quite appropriate for me! Well, lets just say that I'm very excited indeed.

I didn't get to see National Treasure after all yesterday. Shame as I was looking forward to seeing it, but we went out & got back later than expected so in the end there just wasn't enough time to fit everything in. I expect we'll go another day.

I've not been able to do as much stitching as I had wanted so far during the Mirabilia SAL as I was out all day yesterday, but managed a little & have been able to stitch a bit this afternoon whilst watching part 2 of Return of the King extended edition... aww. I found the whole experience rather moving I have to say & my attention was far more on the film than on my stitching! I'm at work all day tomorrow too, but can stitch in the evening... so I'd best get my smokin' needles out!


Yany said...

Congratulations Sam!! is gonna be great having you as a Mirabilia Board Moderator :)

Faith Ann said...

I think you'll be a great moderator Sam!

I actually hope that the board will not require much moderating this year and it will be a nice, friendly place to play :)

Happy stitching!

Laural said...

Congratulations Sam!! You'll do a wonderul job! :)

Mindy said...

Royal Holiday is looking gorgeous! Looking forward to seeing her finished :)