Friday, 18 February 2005

Stitch! Stitch! Stitch!

I'm been in rather a stitchy mood recently.... but an odd one. I actually want to work on & finish my WIPs!!! I have put down Petal Fairy for the moment (I've updated my link in the sidebar to go to the latest scan) and have picked up Royal Holiday again. I'm determined to really concentrate & push on with her so I can finish her asap. She's around three quarters done so I'm sure I'll be HDing before much longer. I've also had a yearning to pick up my neglected Egyptian Sampler! I have several TWs in my stash, but I could never cope with doing more than one large TW at a time. All those blends & confetti are liable to give me a headache!! I love her designs though. Infact I bought a kit of The Guardian which arrived yesterday & now that draggie is calling to me too....

Talking of draggies, we had our 2nd Dracolair SAL weekend a few days ago & I've added my latest scan to my sidebar so you can see my progress. I really love working on this one & look forward to my one weekend a month where I can drag out Duncan (yes, I've given him a name now!!) & stitch on him. All the other stitchers in the SAL are doing well too. I think a couple more stitchers joined in this time & I hope we get some more next month!!

On another note, I've been feeling quite sad the last day or so. My best friend is moving a few hundred miles away in a couple of months time due to her DH getting promoted at work. Its been on the cards for nearly a year, but she's finally sold her house & has 3 weeks to move out. They're moving into a new house which won't be ready until the end of April/beginning of May so she's moving back to her parents in the meantime. It just suddenly seems to have sunk in for both of us that she's not going to be living around the corner anymore. We've known each other since we were 8 which is... alot of years! I shall be going up to visit her as much as I can though & there is a fantastic LNS which isn't too far away ;o) All I can say is thank goodness for the internet - it will be so easy to keep up to date with whats going on in both our lives. I will really miss her though.


Mindy said...

I'm sorry your friend is moving away. That's always hard. Like you say, thank God for the Interent. It makes things so much easier, and is much cheapr than phonecalls every day.

Petal Fairy is looking great! She's such a pretty little fairy :)

Gill said...

I'm sorry your friend is finally moving. It's one thing knowing it's happening sometime but it's still hard when it actually happens! {{hugs}}

Your Petal Fairy looks lovely BTW

Faith Ann said...

Petal is looking awesome!

Sorry to hear that your friend is moving so far away. One of my close friends moved away last June and I still miss having my weekly lunch with her.