Tuesday, 8 March 2005

First HD of the year!

Yayyyyyy!!!!! After 7 months, I have finally finished Mirabilia's Royal Holiday. You can see her here: http://community.webshots.com/photo/122757791/289912812zDXXFQ I made several changes: I swapped beads 00165 for 03003 (Antique Cranberry), 02011 for 00557 (Gold), I stitched the 3031 DMC on the swirls in her dress in Kreinik 154V #4 braid, her eye colour I changed to green and her skin/facial features were stitched over 1. She is stitched on Silkweaver Expressions Sparkling Cider linen, which I think is 28ct. I'm so pleased to be finished at last! She does look lovely. One of the things I love about Mirabilia designs, is that sometimes you just can't make out something until the very last colour has gone in and then all the shading works perfectly. There were lots of areas in her dress and cloak like this. She was a nice stitch, but sadly she did become rather a chore towards the end so I really am glad to be finished!!

This week I'm going back to my TW Egyptian Sampler which hasn't been picked up since... well, since I started Royal Holiday! I'm working on the Pharoah & Queen blocks. I was stitching the Pharoah's over 1 face last night & had to frog a little bit - over 1 stitching is a real pain to frog! I'd better be careful when I start stitching on my HAEDs! Talking of which, I've now ordered a few more as they were having a 25% off sale over the weekend. I now have on the way Dragonfly by Selina Fenech, Winter Moon by Jessica Galbraith and The Accolade by Edmund Blair-Leighton (that one in particular I've wanted for a while). And then Michele at HAED added lots more designs & artists to the site, so I fell in love with another - Snow Princess & The Polar Bear, by, er.... can't remember! But I had to have it, its such a beautiful design & I'm rather partial to polar bears, though I couldn't eat a whole one (ha ha, yes I know, not that funny!!). :oP

This weekend is the 3rd Dracolair SAL weekend. Wow - the last one only seems like a couple of weeks ago! This month has sped by. I'm hoping to work on the wing & move out to the border. I'm so looking forward to working on Duncan again! After the SAL, I'm going to be starting one of my Chatelaines at last. I've finally decided on Watergarden after much deliberation & I have already pulled all the threads together. I got the kit from European XS, so will be stitching the water in silkies. I'm going to be stitching it on Silkweaver Reflections Blue Diamond which is soooo pretty. I can't wait to get started!!


Yany said...

Congratulations Sam, RH is gorgeous!!!
You're working in wonderful projects, I'm gonna start my first Chatelaine soon, just waiting my fabric ;)

Amy said...

Your RH is gorgeous! I'm so glad you mentioned the Dracolair SAL. I got so into my new HAED, that I almost forgot :o

Carol said...

Your Royal Holiday is gorgeous!!!!!!!!! Love your fabric choice.