Tuesday, 20 September 2005

Don't panic... I haven't dropped off the planet!!

Yes, I'm still alive & well I'm glad to say ;o)

So much has happened to me over the last 2-3 months, including the inconceivable - my computer totally crashing & becoming irrepairable. As yet I haven't got a replacement. I've totally lost touch with the online stitching community - I'm surviving by using friends/relatives PCs when I can to keep up to date with the basics, but hopefully I will get a PC sorted out sooner or later.

The other main event has been that I went on a blind date with a wonderful man named Andy who I have fallen for in a big way :o)))) He truly is my 'Mr Right' & I feel like I've known him for years instead of months. He is a supply teacher & sometimes teaches at the school where my sister's neighbour is a teaching assistant. Months ago she said that she had the perfect man lined up for me... little did I know how perfect he would be! Unfortunately he had a placement at another school for several months, so she didn't manage to contact him until June, but after several long phone calls we met up at the beginning of July & have been blissfully happy with each other ever since. He's 10 years older than me, which doesn't bother either of us, infact I've always tended to go out with guys that are older - probably due to the fact that my siblings are all quite a bit older than me. Anyway, we had been sailing along on our little happy river until 2 weeks ago when my father decided to throw a spanner in the works. I live with my father who has had some health problems over the years, but is ok most of the time, plus its the cheapest rent in town!! Well, its a very long story indeed, but he has become more & more unreasonable about my relationship with Andy, despite meeting him & taking a liking to him! So enough was enough - he pushed me into moving out & in with Andy who has been so supportive & encouraging about everything - he really believes in me, which is something that doesn't often happen in my little world and gives me confidence that I am actually worth something! I am worried that it will put a strain on our relationship though - it is far too early to be living together, even though we both know that each other is 'the one'. It has also become a strain on my job, which is now twice as far away, meaning I'm doing a 54 mile round trip to my part-time job which has also had a pay cut! I am trying to find something which is a bit closer to my new home and also something with more regular hours rather than all the unsociable nights & weekends I seem to get at the moment. I haven't seen my father since I left home 2 weeks ago but am going back to see him tomorrow. Needless to say I'm dreading it. Thankfully my sister, who seems to be the only person in my family Dad listens to is coming with me and will mediate. Wish me luck!

I am still doing a little stitching, but haven't been able to concentrate on it very much! I finished Petal Fairy a few weeks ago - there is a photo but I've been unable to upload it yet. Watch this space! I've also been working on my much neglected TW Egyptian Sampler and L&L Celtic Spring. I've fallen in love with the new Mirabilia mermaid design (of course!) but haven't really bought any stash since my PC died.

Hope everyone in the stitching world is ok - I miss all you guys!! :o)


Kitty said...

I was starting to wonder if gravity had lost all it's attraction for you ;)

Sounds like you've been having fun and keeping it all to yourself. More info please :)

Faith Ann said...

It's so good to see an update from you Sam!!

Wow, this was a *big* post in terms of news!!

So, let's see:
1) I'm so happy that you and Andy have found each other! I don't think there's anything wrong with a 10-year age difference. My parents were 13 years apart and were happily married for 36 years.
2) Good luck with your visit to see your father!
3) Fingers crossed that you find a new job that fits your life better... and a new PC so you can keep us up to date!!

Can't wait to see some stitchy pics :)

Yany said...

Welcome back :D!!

Is really nice reading you again, and with all that big news!!
I wish you good luck with your father, and I'm very happy for you and Andy.
Please post pics of your lovely Petal Fairy, your conversion was so pretty
Hugs from Mexico