Thursday, 22 September 2005


... I'm still alive and breathing and mostly happy, so you can say that visiting my father went ok. It was pretty awful at first - we were both quite angry with each other & very upset, but once we'd realised how much we'd hurt each other it got easier, so lots of tears & hugs later I think we've reached some sort of understanding. I'm planning on visiting him at least once a week as he does struggle to get out & do shopping etc, so I still need to look after him that way & he has said I will always have a home with him should I need it. I felt dreadful last night when I got back to Andy's - I guess I realised how much of a hole I have left in my Dad's life by simply not being there with him, but he did know I couldn't stay at home forever & he's been fortunate to have me living with him for as long as I did. Andy spoke alot of sense to me last night & gave me big hugs in all the right places, so I feel much better today. I think my first few visits will probably be a little tense still, but we talked more yesterday than we've done in the last 5 years, so I hope it will actually make our relationship stronger.

On top of all that I have gone down with an awful cold & feel yucky! My eyes were so sore last night but I'm not sure whether that was from the tears or the cold!!! :o)

Thank you all for your comments - your cyber hugs are much appreciated. I shall certainly try & keep my blog up to date with what's happening, even if I can't get onto the stitching boards at the moment. I have been lurking around a couple though, but my PC access is too random right now to actively take part in them. I am going back to my Dad's tomorrow & am planning on picking up my camera cables so that I can upload some photos to my Webshots album & can show you all what Andy looks like!!! :o)


Stitchie Kiwi said...

hey Sam! it's nice to see you again - I wondered where you had got to. Wooohoooo on the new man in your life, it sounds perfect ... you will work things out I am sure, and your Dad will get used to the new set-up ((hug))

Gill said...

Hi Sam! I'm glad things are finally getting sorted out with your Dad. I'm looking forward to finally seeing a picture of Andy (and Petal ;-) )