Thursday, 26 January 2006

Early mornings.

I'm on a day off today, as I was yesterday. However... Andy's car broke down the night before yesterday - his starter motor had decided to give up the ghost. Its really an old banger of a car and I'm surprised that it gets him from A to B most of the time! He's on a long term placement at the moment as a supply teacher in Surrey which is quite a trek in his car every day. So, as he does each morning, he came to say goodbye before going to work yesterday at 5am (he normally leaves at 6). He was planning to walk to Brighton train station which is around 5 miles away and the weather was absolutely freezing cold! I told him not to be so silly and to go scrape the ice from my car so I could take him... I really was still half asleep and after I got back home, went straight back to bed. Then when I woke later it seemed a bit like a strange dream - all a bit surreal really! Thankfully the garage managed to replace the starter motor so it's back to normal today, but I was wide awake after he went at 6 and here I am on my PC at some unearthly hour once more!!

I updated my Blog links somewhat yesterday as many Blogs have moved/changed names etc, so hopefully I've not missed anyone. Plus I took a couple more photos: Egyptian Sampler which I haven't touched for a few months now and hadn't taken a photo of in ages, and also a new one: Frederick the Literate which I started in October and haven't gotten very far with... yet!


Gill said...

Very nice Sam, especially Egyptian Sampler. You know you haven't really experienced a TW properly if you haven't put it away, dusted it off again, thrown it across the room in frustration, put it away again....LOL

Scully said...

EG looks great Sam. Kepp plugging away at it and it will get done. Heck it only took me 8yrs to finally finish Castle Sampler :lol:
Good to hear that your dad's test results were better than first thought.

Latin's Lady said...

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