Friday, 3 February 2006

More drama than you can shake a stick at!

Yes, my life likes to throw in more drama than most at the best of times. Last weekend we had lots of drama with my Dad. He has various illnesses/conditions - diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol etc. and has been on umpteen varieties of medication for years. Within the last 18 months they've discovered that one type of his long term medication has made his kidneys deteriorate quite rapidly - basically they will fail one day but we don't know when. He had some tests done with his GP last week & the readings were way off the scale, so I found out last Friday that he would be going to hospital the next morning to the renal unit for further tests. I was really worried as I couldn't go with him - I was working & as I'm in a new job there's no way I could get the day off as I was going to be the only one in on my department. So bright & early Saturday morning as I was getting ready for work, Andy got up too & told me he was going to drive over & take my Dad to hospital as he knew I was so worried about him going on his own. What a sweetheart he is! My Dad has been rather frosty towards Andy since my moving in with him & I was a bit concerned about him being rude to Andy but my 2 boys got on ok. They even went & had lunch together afterwards! And it turned out that the GP's readings were totally inaccurate which was great news. Dad's kidneys are still failing but it's not quite as desperate as we'd thought.
I've been a good stitchy girl & started beading my Celtic Spring. I've not had alot of time for stitching this week, but have a couple of days off next week, so fingers crossed I should be HDing before much longer. ;o)

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Michelle said...

Only just found your blog via the link on the board Sam. If I can help at all with anything to do with your dads condition just let me know. Big((((HUGS)))) to you and heres hoping they can keep him well for a good long while.