Thursday, 9 February 2006

Stitching frenzy!

I'm trying desperately to find my smokin' needles. It's Andy's birthday tomorrow & I found a design which could have been made just for him! He loves elephants & bumble bees, so I decided to get this:
Sweet, isn't it?! :o) Problem is that I only got it & started stitching on it on Tuesday & have only managed to get a few hours in so far. I'm going to be stitching like mad today & tomorrow to try & get it finished. I don't think I will be able to, but I'm going to give it a good try! Andy also loves owls so I'm taking him out for the day on Saturday when we're both off, to a bird sanctuary (with owls!) as a surprise. He really is a softie at heart so I'm sure he'll love it.
I've also been good & started beading Celtic Spring. I've done about 2/3rds, so once Mabel is finished I will get back to it so I can have a great "Finish It February"!
I'm also dragging Andy to a stitch show at the Brighton Centre on Sunday. It's only a small one but I'm hoping I might be able to pick up the new Mirabilia (Stargazer) there. I love going to shows as it's great to see all those fabulous designs up close & personal. I'm really meant to be on the wagon but had a little blip when I ordered the Mabel design for Andy. I also got Mirabilia's Forest Goddess & Just Nan's Wintry Mix. Whoops! I think I ought to get back on really... but whilst I'm off I really *need* Stargazer!!! ;o)


Faith Ann said...

Wow... you have lots going on over the next few days!!

That is a really cute pattern, I hope you're able to complete it in time :)

Good luck getting Stargazer!! (I love this one and have ordered it myself, but some of the beads were on backorder, so I expect it will be a few weeks before it arrives...sighhh.)

Yany said...

The pattern is adorable!! Go Sam Go Sam!!!

Tammy said...

Ohhh, Mabel is cute! I hope you get her finished in time. And good luck tracking down The Stargazer!

Scully said...

I just got her in the post today Sam. She looks really lovely, and like you it's my fave since Petal :) Have a good day at the show.

Heather said...

Did you manage to get it finished in time Sam?