Friday, 10 February 2006

Thank Crunchie it's Friday!

I saw this on Gill's blog so thought I'd have a go. Tee hee! I rather like it & had to have it in pink of course ;o)

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I'm afraid I've been very naughty & haven't picked up Mabel at all. I've been busy catching up on other things, so I told Andy this morning that there is another birthday surprise, but it won't be ready for another few days yet ;o) I've also got to be very sweet to him as I've just managed to break his vaccuum cleaner! It's pretty old & we need a new one really, so I had a go at breaking it (accidentally of course!) a few months ago when one of the wheels came off. That wasn't enough though, despite us having to drag it, in a lopsided sort of way, around the house to do the hoovering. Well, today I got a little... het up shall we say... when the internal power lead wouldn't pull out so I pulled a little bit harder & the other end where the head is fell over from being leant against the wall. It didn't fall over particularly hard, but after I'd plugged it in & went to pick it up I found it had broken into two pieces! Ooops. I've tried fixing with sellotape but it didn't really work, so I guess I'll be getting a new vaccuum this weekend! :o(

As it's Andy's birthday today we'll probably be out tonight. Although we're both really tired - he didn't get in till really late (gone midnight) & he was up again at 6 for work, so of course I had to get up to make brekkie for him etc. Anyway, I couldn't get back to sleep after he'd gone so we're both going to be rather weary later. It's his friend's Dave's birthday tomorrow & they usually see each other for a drink or something similar. He's invited us for a drink out in Brighton this evening which would be really lovely as long as we can muster up the energy!! Eeeek! I sound more like I'm 65 than 35 (no offence to any more mature readers)... perhaps I ought to go for a 'power nap' right now. ;o)


Anne said...

20 minute power naps always revive you. Brighton, is that the one with the big jaw thingy you can stand under and the great rock shop. Come visit me sometime Happy Stitching Anne L

Sam said...

Thanks Anne :o) I was referring to Brighton in the UK but I don't think that's the one you mean.