Friday, 24 February 2006

This & That.

I've been a bit quiet the last few days. Unfortunately it's not because of my hectic social life! Not much has been happening really other than going to work & coming home again. I've been working a bit on Mabel & I now have around half an elephant. I'm hoping to do some more this weekend & will probably post my progress next week.
Thanks to everyone for their lovely comments on my Celtic Spring HD! I was so pleased to have a finish as I haven't had one in over 6 months so it was good to share it with everyone. :o)

I'm off to see my Dad today. I go over around once every 2 weeks or so. I do worry about him. He went to bed the other evening & had left the gas on for the grill! He woke up to an awful smell of gas & realised what had happened, but I dread to think what might have happened. :o( Anyway, I shall take him shopping today & out for lunch somewhere & just make sure he's ok.

I've been taking a little nostalgia trip these last few weeks. I'm not sure whether I've mentioned it before, but I'm a huge Beatles fan. My mum brought me up on their music & I guess its in my blood really! My aunt was in a group in the early 60s called The Honeys & they went on the Beatles first UK tour when Helen Shapiro was headlining. They were quite prolific songwriters even at that early stage & my aunt remembers them writing lyrics on empty cigarette packets! I used to regularly go to the Beatle conventions in Liverpool each August & have met lots of Beatle connected people, although have never met any of them personally. I did go to Paul McCartney's farm once in Sussex, although he wasn't there at the time. I did get to see his sheep though! And now he lives just up the road from me in Hove which is quite surreal!!! Well, Andy has a bit of a soft spot for the Beatles too, so we've been ploughing through my video collection watching all sorts of things that I haven't seen in years. We watched the film 'Help!' a couple of weeks ago which is my fave of their films. I just love the bit when their house is being invaded & John Lennon picks up the phone saying "Get me the home office - he's wrecking my home!" Tickles me every time ;o)

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Faith Ann said...

I hope you had a nice visit with your Dad, I can understand that you'd be worried about him.