Wednesday, 1 March 2006

Bear Necessities

The school that Andy is teaching at is having a book week this week & today several of the teachers (including him) have been asked to dress up as literary characters. So Andy, being a bit of a Jungle Book fan decided to hire a Baloo the bear costume from the fancy dress shop last night! I made him put the head on for me which creased me up... I really should have taken a photo!!! The rest of the outfit incorporated a large tummy which you could stuff with cushions or padding to give just the right amount of paunch. Lol! Someone should be taking photos today, so I'll have to try & get one of Andy dressed up to share with you. :o)

I have a bit of a rant to share - just need to get it off my chest & then I'll feel better! I commute to work by bus each day. There is absolutely nowhere free to park in Worthing & the car park prices are astronomical. The bus is usually convenient - the stop is around a ten minute walk from home & stops right outside work. They run every 15 minutes, so even if I miss one I don't have to wait very long. Well, not until this morning. I'm usually at the stop a couple of minutes before the bus is due which is usually fine except this morning the bus was around 5 mins early (I found out later). The next bus didn't turn up, so eventually half an hour later (of waiting in the freezing cold at a bus stop on the shadey side of the road) 2 of them turn up. I ended up being late for work & stressed about the whole thing. Thankfully work was fine - several other staff members get the same bus so I had lots of witnesses!

Talking of work, which I haven't done very much of since I started my new job in Jan, things are going well. I did go through a bit of an 'I'm not sure if I really want to do this' phase a few weeks ago, but now I'm feeling alot more settled and am getting my teeth into a few projects. I work in HR in a large department store which is much different to food retail that I worked in before. We have lots of concessions within the store who rent space from us. One of those is Villeroy & Boch who make the most gorgeous crockery. I love their New Wave line: http:// The cups are gorgeous & really comfy to hold. They're used in our Cafe & I said that when I got my staff discount card I would treat myself to one. The manager is really sweet & gets the same bus as me. We got chatting about the cups last week & I told him how much I loved them and he said that he'd been given a few extras to give out & had one left which he gave to me! So now I have a beautiful New Wave cappuccino cup which I have my hot choccie in at night!!! :o)

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Seahorse said...

The Baloo costume sounds like a riot! Glad to hear you're settling into your new job :)