Tuesday, 21 March 2006

A Little Bit of a Break

Yay - I've finished work this evening & I don't have to go back for 6 whole days. Things have been a bit hectic so I'll be glad to get some time to myself. Well... a bit anyway! I've got a new hobby you see: I've started tracing my family tree through my real dad's side (he died when I was 2 so I don't know a great deal about him) & it's very addictive! I spoke to my cousin on the phone for over an hour the other evening & she's given me lots of info, right back to my great great grandparents. Apparently my great great grandfather was a Major John Cotton whose sword is in the Imperial War Museum in London. We're not sure if it's true so want to find out some more information about him & if it is then I'd like to get in touch with the museum so I can go & see it! Anyway, I'm off with 2 of my sisters tomorrow to go & visit an uncle who has been tracing my mum's side of the family for a few years. Then I'm off to visit my (step) dad in the afternoon. I've got an invite to my SILs for tea on Thursday, a bit of a rest on Friday, Saturday out & about with Andy & on Sunday I'm going up to the annual cross stitch show at Olympia in London with my best friend Sharon who has come down from Yorkshire to stay at her parents house on the south coast for a week! I've not seen her for a while so I can't wait to catch up - phone calls & emails are great but not the same as a real hug from your best friend. :o)

Thanks everyone for the lovely comments about Mabel - Andy really loved her! He has been really sweet & said it was the most beautiful gift he'd ever received as he knew how much time I'd spent working on it. Hopefully we will be taking it to a local framers this wkend. I haven't had any recommendations for local framers so it'll be a bit of pot luck. There's a couple in the area that sound quite good so we'll give one of those a go.

I went to the cross stitcher's club yesterday evening, except there are only 3 members left now which is a shame & 2 couldn't make it!! Lol! So I got to meet Tracy who runs the club & she seems really nice. It was great to have a look at what she has stitched. Plus she has 2 lovely cats that I was able to make a fuss of!! :o) She is arranging a meeting for next month when an old club member who has moved away is back in the area so hopefully I'll get to meet a few more people then.

Stitching wise I've picked up Titania for the moment. I'd like to finish her over 1 skin & possibly think about what colour I'm going to convert her wings to. Originally I had thought about lavender & then I figured that if I go for a pink/lavender combination she would look pretty similar to my Petal Fairy conversion. So now I'm not sure. I'd like to go for perhaps silvery greys or maybe pale blues. I'll probably do a bit of floss tossing to be sure first.


Kip said...

Her wings would look lovely in a silvery colour, or perhaps a pale peach like her dress - I stitched her in the recomended colours and have never been that fond of the wings

Amy said...

I think a glittery silver would be lovely! Can't wait to see what you come up with!

Heather said...

I've heard of a Major John Cotton, not sure where I heard it though. I know I used to be in the ATC, but I'm sensing this is to do with the Army rather than the Air Force.