Wednesday, 28 June 2006

Ow my tonsils hurt!

Yuck. Yuck. And double yuck. I'm feeling pretty yuck today (as you might have gathered)! I've got that awful 'I think I've got tonsilitus again' feeling...
:o( When I was a child I had it LOTS, though they never really got around to taking my tonsils out. I hadn't had it for many years until I got it over Christmas 2 years ago, then last year I had a real nasty throat infection which was pretty similar. Now it seems to be back again. I actually like having my tonsils - think I'd miss them if they weren't there! Guess I'll probably have to see the Doctor for some antibiotics. Yuck!

On a nicer note, I took a couple of pics of a beautiful rose in the garden today, one before the sun hit the garden and one after:

Its such a gorgeous scarlet-orange colour. This is the rose that I was pruning earlier this year when Andy was pruning the tree back - he didn't believe me that you had to prune them back so hard, so I told him to trust me & sure enough the shrub is now covered in buds ;o)


Heather said...

Feel better soon.

What a beautiful rose. Men, they have no idea when it comes to things like that!!!!

Karen said...

Such a pretty rose!! Get some rest and feel better soon! Tea with lemon and honey always helps a sore throat. ; )

Carto said...

Hello again

My browser has just refreshed - I've just realised you've already been to Wimbledon. One thing you can depend upon is the good old British weather to put a spanner in the works.

Have to agree with Heather - My Dad (God rest him) used to drive my Ma mad when he used to help her out in the Garden. He'd shout at the top of his lungs from the other end garden, "Joan, is this a weed?". Trouble is he'd have it pulled out of the ground in his fist by that point lol. Love the roses - they're always guaranteed to look beautiful :)

natty68 said...

What a beautiful coloured rose :)

The roses seem to be doing really well this year I have noticed, wonder if we had the right combination of rain, snow and sun:)

Hope you feel better soon hon.


Kathy said...

Wow what a beautiful rose. These are my fav flowers. I have too manu to mention in my garden lol.

Wow you are doing well with Snow Princess. I am still on page one, which is almost half done. so I have a long way before catching up with you lol.

How would you like to do this as an SAL with me, to keep me motivated lol.

Hugs xxxxxx

Kathy said...

Forgot to say hope you feel better soon hun.

hugs xxxxxxx