Saturday, 8 July 2006

A Date With a Pirate

Yes, we're off to see Pirates of the Carribean: Dead Man's Chest this evening :o)))) I can't wait as the first Pirates film is one of my faves. And mmmmmm..... Johnny Depp. YUM!
Thanks for all the lovely compliments about Titania. The fabric is totally gorgeous - the photos don't do it justice at all. It looks like she is sitting in a garden, she is in focus in the picture & all the flowers/foliage behind her are out of focus if you know what I mean! Every piece of Winter Meadow I've seen has looked different, so I'm rather tempted to get another piece & hope that its as lovely as this one.

Well done everyone, you guessed correctly. I have indeed started Mirabilia's Forest Goddess. I'm not sure what happened - I hadn't planned a new start at all. I just got to thinking about how much I enjoy stitching Mira's and wanted to start stitching another one! I'm using Silkweaver's Tranquility Belfast linen which is a lovely mix of greens. I want to create the effect of her walking through a deep woodland glade. I did a little more yesterday & am not quite sure how her mossy green cape is going to look on it, I need to get more of it stitched first but I think it'll probably be ok. The dress colours really pop on it though, which is what I wanted.

I received my FOTM from Silkweaver yesterday & this time I got Iris Garden on opal Belfast which has to be one of the most gorgeous pieces of fabric I've ever seen in my life! Its one of those ones that would fit with lots of designs & I'm thinking that a mermaid might look good on it. Hey.... maybe I should have another Mira start just to keep my enthusiasm going! ;o)

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Gill said...

Oooh, Iris Garden is one of my faves - I've got a piece too and it's lovely and sooo versatile! My piece of Winter Meadow doesn't look a lot like yours.