Friday, 10 November 2006

Howdy folks!

Yes, things are still busy and hectic and up and down and....

Dad had a nasty fall a couple of days ago. Thankfully he's not seriously hurt apart from a few bruises, but he was very shaken indeed. He had day surgery 2 weeks ago for his fistula in preparation for dialysis. He has one in his wrist. Dad can't feel it, as he has damage to his nerve endings in his fingers, but if you put your finger gently on his wrist... instead of a pulse you can feel something that I can only describe as like little cogs turning in a wristwatch! Well, not the actual cogs, but like their gentle vibration!! Luckily his fall doesn't seem to have damaged the fistula. If everything goes well & the doctors are pleased with how the fistula is, he should start dialysis 6-8 weeks after the day surgery which should be the middle of December fingers crossed. He's so poorly but by all accounts, once he's been on dialysis, even for a few weeks, he should feel much better.

I had a little trip to Bournemouth for 3 days last week on company business. It was the first (and hopefully to be annual) HR Assistants & Officers conference. I also had an extra day before the conference at a course my boss was running on 'Investing in Investigations' which was fascinating. The conference was great - lovely to meet all the other HR staff from the different stores that I'd not met before. Those of us that had travelled some distance stayed at the same accommodation - the lovely
Anglo Swiss Hotel. I had a wonderful room which had an enormous bed, plus french doors to a veranda, which if you have a look on the website, is on the main shot of the front of the hotel to the right of the entrance and on the first floor you can see my veranda! I stayed an extra night due to going to the course as well & the next day told all the other HR staff about the wonderful veranda, walk in wardrobe, french doors etc... and then, rather embarassingly, none of the others had these facilities! Lol!! They all wanted a peek at my veranda just to prove I wasn't pulling their leg!!! One of the points of the conference was to decide between us just what we should put into the pack we give to new starters & then make it consistent between all the stores (you wouldn't think it would be that difficult considering there are only 12 stores in the chain!). Well, we had a whole afternoon for this & it was nowhere near enough time and as a result there is going to be a working party to work on it further and I've been nominated! I'm the only HR Assistant involved, so its quite a privilege. We're getting together next month as, whilst December is busy for everyone else in retail, its pretty quiet for HR ;o)

I've managed a bit of stitching, but still no photos as Andy (naughty boy) still hasn't got my camera fixed for me! I keep threatening to get the scanner out, if I can get it to work!! I've put down Forest Goddess for a while as I'm so burned out on her. I've picked up my Dracolair Midnight Hunting again. I've just got the final moon panel to finish in the bottom right corner and then I can get back to stitching on my Duncan draggie! It seems like a very long time since I started on him & I'd love to see him finished more than any of my other WIPs right now.


Kathy said...

Hi Sam

Hope Andy fixes your Camera soon, would love to see some stitchy pics. Hope your dad is ok too hun.

Take care

Hugs xxxxx

Karen said...

Hope you're Dad is feeling better! I'm looking forward to some stitching pictures too!