Sunday, 10 June 2007


Thanks for all your good wishes. Catkin is absolutely fine. I have no idea what was wrong with her leg, but the vet gave her a thorough checkover, watched her walking and of course, she was no longer limping and back to her normal self! It cost us £27 to find out she was fine mind you.... It's money well spent though, I would never begrudge paying out for the health of my little furry friends.

Talking of which, we've been discussing the possibilities of getting a house bunny, which I would absolutely love, but Andy's not so sure. I have this new habit of going into the huge pet store near Dad's each week and admiring the bunnies they have for sale, even naming the ones I particularly like the look of! So we've had Sir Galahad (a silver bunny), Cinnamon, Honey, Scamp..... and yesterday I absolutely fell in love with this gorgeous little bundle of lop eared fluff who I named Tigerlily. Why Tigerlily? Well, she was a beautiful pale golden ginger colour with bits of white and very subtle grey markings which looked a little like stripes, so she reminded me of a tiger. I soooooo wanted to bring her home with me, but came home empty handed. :o(

Andy's brother Rob is staying with us for the weekend. The boys have gone out for a coffee on the seafront whilst I catch up on some documents for work. We're then going out for lunch at The Bull, which is a historical and locally famous pub in the village of Ditchling. The weather is beautiful - blue skies with a few fluffy clouds..... I guess I really must get on and go through my work documents so I can be ready when the boys come back! ;o)


Anonymous said...

I'm glad to hear Catkin is OK. Funny how often our pets stage a miraculous recovery as soon as they get to the vets! haha

Faith Ann said...

Glad that your kitty is okay.

Good luck with the bunny hunt! I think they're so cute, but my allergies won't let me have one.

Karoline said...

Glad to hear that Catkin is OK

Kathy said...

Glad to hear Catkin is ok hun. Have fun Bunny hunting. My hubby won't let me have one due to his allergies, geesh typical lol.

Hugs xxxxx

Nicola said...

Glad to hear all is well now! They're such a worry aren't they?!

Hope you have a little bunny hopping around soon!

Aussie Stitcher said...

Glad to hear that your Catkin is fine.