Monday, 8 October 2007

Day out at Woburn Safari Park

First of all, my apologies for being a very sporadic blogger right now. We are at our busiest time of year at work and my college course is starting to become time-consuming. I don't get much time to browse blogs at the moment, but will probably catch up one day.....!

Andy and I had a wonderful day out yesterday at Woburn Safari Park in Bedfordshire for a pre-birthday treat (my birthday is tomorrow). You can see my Woburn photo album
here. And here are a couple of my favourites:

We were up close to the Siberian tigers. Yes, that is my wing mirror in the picture!

I also got up close to the cute wallabies! I'm never satisfied unless I can actually touch a creature!!

The best moment of the day though, was driving through the monkey enclosure. Several cars around us had monkeys leaping onto them and then leaping off again and we were heading towards the way out, without having had any monkeys being even slightly tempted to jump onto my car. I suddenly heard a little noise, almost like a shreiking noise and I noticed at the foot of a tree next to my car was a baby monkey calling for its mum! It looked so tiny and lost and I felt really distraught that it seemed to be so lost and alone. Suddenly this little baby took a running leap and landed on the roof of my little car! All the cars around us stopped and people were all fixed on my car roof!! Although I have a sunroof, the baby monkey was sitting at the back of the roof, so we couldn't see him from inside. Although I did see a little monkey paw resting on the back window for a few moments! Baby monkey continued shreiking from the top of my car. I really wasn't sure whether I should start driving and hope that little monkey would jump off safely or not. Anyway, I decided to stay put and sure enough, little monkey's mum eventually came out of hiding. Mum and baby gave each other a hug and we continued on our way!

There were lots of other beautiful and amazing animals to see. I loved the bears! I'd seen a polar bear before, but these were North American black bears and soooooooo cute!!! There were also some darling little marmosets who looked very mischevious, running along the fence to their enclosure and staring at all the people in a curious, tilted head way! I was sure that if I'd stood there much longer remarking on how sweet they were, one would probably have jumped onto my shoulder for a ride! There were also some very naughty squirrel monkeys - one stole a chocolate bar from a little boy's pocket and ran up the nearest tree to eat it! We had a fabulous day, but then I love animals so it was just my sort of thing.

On my big day tomorrow I'm going out for lunch with my brother and SIL to a little village called Fittleworth in the north of West Sussex which should be good. I also went out for lunch with my Dad on Saturday. Eeeek... so many calories! Then at the weekend it is Catriona's christening, so I'm going up to Yorkshire for a long weekend to do my duty as Godmother. It's Sharon's birthday at the end of the month, so we have plans for a girlie night out (well, as girlie as you can get in her little village!!). I'll try to blog again soon! :o)


Aussie Stitcher said...

Happy Birthday Sam, best wishes for the day.

Kelley said...

Cool pics Sam! I think wallabies are adorable. There are a few at wildlife refuge/zoo relatively close to where I live.

Gill said...

Happy birthday Sam!

I've been to Woburn safari park a few times cos I have a friend that lives just up road who has a season pass, but I was never allowed to drive through the monkeys after Pete saw them pull the trim off someone's car once. It looks like you had fun, and the hair looks great!

Sally said...

Happy Birthday Sam! Hope you're having a wonderful day:)

Sounds like you had a great time at Woburn.

Susan said...

Happy Birthday-what a great place to celebrate!

We are birthday buddies-mine is the 9th!