Friday, 30 November 2007

Ted HD

Yay! He's finished!! :o)

I'm really pleased with Ted's new look. The backstitching was neverending though. He will be off to his temporary home next week with my boss. He's going to be a birthday gift next April, for my boss's partner's mum. I'm not sure which of my WIPs I want to work on next.... I may pick up my Dracolair draggie for a while as I've not worked on him since last Dec!

I've also done a floss toss for Taj:

The fabric is gorgeous - it's Amethyst from Lakeside Linens which is a glorious deep purple shade. I'm afraid it's not much of a floss toss as I didn't actually get the flossies out of their baggies... ;o)

We had our interviewing assignment at college last night and thankfully we all passed. The candidate my team interviewed was a bit of a waffler and it was quite difficult to keep her on track, but it seemed to go ok. Our tutor is giving us feedback next week. Well, that's 2 assignments down, 3 more to go. I say 2 down, but I still have some work to do on the interviewing assignment, as I have to write a 1000 word reflective statement about it now it's finished!

Anyone in the UK watching Strictly Come Dancing? I love it! Much as I wasn't a fan of Kelly Brook and Brendan Cole, I was sorry to hear that her father had passed away and as a result she had left the show. I'm really rooting for Alesha and Matt to be in the finals - both of them are great dancers and truly deserve to be there.

Have a great weekend everyone! :o)


Sharon said...

Ted looks great! Too cute, congratulations!

Jacqui said...

Ted looks good.

I've been watching Strictly Come Dancing, and while yes it's a shame about Kelly's Dad, in a way I'm glad she's gone. She's ok, but I can't stand Brendan Cole. LOL. I would love Matt and Alesha to be in the final.

Hazel said...

Well done for doing a tatty ted. I wont go near one woth all that backstitch I just know it would do my head in!! Nice flossies and fabric too. xx

Sally said...

Congratulations on your finish Sam! Ted looks brilliant!

Can't wait until you start Taj! That fabby sounds gorgeous!

Barb said...

Ted looks great. I'm looking forward to seeing Taj Ma Hall.

Faith Ann said...

Ted is soooo cute!!

Yuko said...

Congratulations on your finish!
It's lovely, isn't it!
I love this very much as much as you do!

J Rae said...

He's so cute!