Tuesday, 15 April 2008

April update

Sorry I've not blogged for a couple of weeks. Things at work have been very busy since my boss left and I've also been snowed under with work for college. However, I wanted to share a few piccies....

Firstly Tribal Butterfly, which has now been framed correctly:

I picked this up today and this is the second time I've had to pick it up from the framers! When I first collected it, the day before my boss was due to leave, I was too busy looking at the framing to notice anything. I took it home, prepared to take a photo of it and suddenly I noticed a strange looking thread running across the body of the butterfly. Then it dawned on me - they had framed the butterfly back to front! I was looking at the back of my work!!! :o( I had to explain to my boss why she wasn't going to receive her leaving gift on time & took it back to the shop. They weren't very apologetic, just remarked that it must've been because the back of my work is so neat & said they would get it re-framed for me. I finally got another call from them yesterday saying it was ready for collection. She even said that they'd had it since Friday, but had misplaced my number & had only found it yesterday! I am pleased with the end result, however, don't think I'll be going back there again in a hurry.

Thanks so much for all the lovely comments on Tribal Butterfly. I think Claire asked if it was a kit or chart. You can buy it as either. In my previous to last post (when it was a WIP) I put a link in to the designer 'Sparklies' where you can see it. There's also a gallery where you can see some other colourways that have been stitched.

I also thought I'd share a couple of snowy photos I took when we had our little April shower the weekend before last. Within about 2 hours of the snow starting to fall, the back garden looked like this:

And this is the street outside my house. Look at my poor little red car covered in snow over the other side of the road!

It didn't take long to melt away, but the next morning my windscreen was still covered in frozen snow! We don't get proper snow down here on the south coast very often, let alone in April, so it was a most unusual day indeed.

I've been stitching on Snow Princess, and my polar bear has a face! I need to stitch a bit of the blue around him to make him stand out a little more, so once that is done I will share a piccy. Happy stitches everyone!


Kelley said...

Your butterfly is very pretty.

Sally said...

Your butterfly is beautifully framed but fancy the framer doing it the wrong way! You backs must be very neat though.

Scully said...

It looks wonderful Sam. I think it's great piece to stitch and thoroughly enjoyed stitching mine :)

Kim said...

No one would ever, ever mistake the back of my work for the front lol it looks lovely though