Friday, 16 January 2009


It's been a bit nippy down here lately and last Saturday there was such a lovely layer of frost in the garden, that I took a few photos.

Everything looked so pretty as if it had been covered in icing sugar! It's been a bit milder this week but it's gonna rain pretty soon I think.

Thank you all for your lovely messages following my car accident. Would love to hug you all! My bruises are healing nicely now (had some nasty black ones for a while). I managed to find a little runaround car on Weds to get me mobile again and I pick it up next week after they've finished servicing it for me. I've been relying on friends, family and the bus to get about. I don't like travelling by bus as it makes me feel quite ill, but it's been very efficient in getting me to and from work.

I've also resigned from my old job. I leave in 2 weeks time on 30th Jan and start my new one straight after, on 2nd Feb. They asked me to start then as there's an induction scheduled for that day and half of the next, so it'll be good to get the induction done and out of the way and then crack on with the new job.

It was my sister's birthday yesterday, so we all went out for a delicious Italian meal last night on my BIL. I had tagliatelle with salmon which I really enjoyed and even managed to squeeze in some Italian ice cream for dessert. Have a good weekend folks ;o)


Cindy F. said...

Glad you're recovering from your accident and getting your car back soon.
Your "ice sugar" pics are beautiful!
Good luck with your new job and happy belated birthday to your sister!!

Karoline said...

Lovely photo's Sam, good luck with the new job

Wendy said...

I just have found your blog while surfing on the internet. You make such wonderful things, I love the snow Princess, and Im looking forward to see the progress on it! I will come back to visit again.

Faith Ann said...

Wow... your frosty pictures are pretty! We certainly don't have frost here now, everything is covered with snow and it's been around -24 Celsius for the last few days.

Wow, sounds like you had quite the accident... glad to hear that you are recovering. I hope you're not too sore.

Good luck with your new job!

Sharon said...

Pretty pictures. Glad to hear your doing better. Best wishes with the new job.

Sally said...

Your photos are lovely Sam. It's back to rain up here too so it's really miserable.

Doris said...

is really freezen!.