Wednesday, 21 January 2009

New wheels

Yay! I finally picked up my new wheels and took them out for a spin today. I didn't get very far as the garage had put probably around a cup of petrol (gas) in the car, so it promptly ground to a hault, nowhere near a petrol station, but thankfully my good friend was off work today and drove over to pick me up and took me to get some petrol. Thank goodness for friends!

Welcome to the new look blog by the way - hope that it is as clear to read as the old layout, I just fancied brightening it up a bit :o)

I'm spending a few days at Dad's as he had a cataract operation on Monday. All has gone well and I'm trying to teach him how to administer his eye drops, which is no easy task at all.... he seems to have managed to swallow (yes, swallow!) more than he's got in his eye so far!

I've nearly finished the page of Snow Princess I've been working on, so won't add any photos until I've got there. I can't not add any photos at all though, so let's see what I can find.... here's a pic of two of my sister's cats Bertie (l) and Kitten (r). Kitten is Bertie's mother, though is absolutely tiny. They both seem to like sleeping on my bed and snuggle up together, washing each other and helping me on my laptop ;o)


Anonymous said...

I thought they were supposed to put enough for half a tank of fuel in for people. Glad you've got a new car now though.

Oh those kitties are cute.

Speedy recovery for your Dad and I hope he masters the eye drops!!!

Kathy said...

Hey Sam, thanks for your comments hun, much appreciated.

Hope your Dad masters the eye drops and has a good recovery.

Sooo looking forward to seeing your Snow Princess hun. Gorgeous kitties too.

Hugs xxxx

Cindy F. said...

Sam, love your new blog background!! It's such a pretty tapestry.
Congrats on getting your "new wheels"! Better keep an eye on that gas
I hope your dad recovers perfectly from his cataract surgery:)

Doris said...

congratulations for your new wheels!.
my dad when need drop in the eyes,,the drops fall all over, but except in the eye!, My mom always protest for that, they are a funny couple.that happend when a couple is 40 year together! :).

lovely cats!

Rowyn said...

My Nanna had her cataracts removed, and it really improved the quality of life for her last few years. I hope it does the same for your Dad.

What gorgeous kitty-cats!

Nicola said...

The best place to administer drops is in the corner of the eye near the eye duct. That way, he'll blink rapidly and thus swish the drops all around the eye! Congrats on the new car and the new look blog, I'm lovin it!

Scully said...

Bummer about the petrol Sam, thank goodness your friend could help you. As for your Dad's eye drops, I am using some at the mo and I might as well just swallow them 'cos even tho they go in my eye, I can taste them as soon as I put them in Ughhh. Cure piccie of the cats :)

Karen said...

Love the new blog look! Congrats on your car! Bet of luck with it. I'm surprised they gave it to you with so little gas. Here they send you on your way with a full tank. With the price of cars, it's the least they can do!