Monday, 25 May 2009

Thank you

Thank you so very much for all your lovely, caring messages. We truly have a fantastic support network of stitchers in cyberspace.

I’m still feeling sad about Bobbi, but I now have my other gorgeous girl Catkin here with me. Dad is still in hospital and it’s been agreed that he’s going to go into a residential rehabilitation centre for several weeks, so I didn’t think it fair on Catkin to be left alone, with just the neighbour popping in to feed her twice a day. She’s a people cat and would get very lonely, so I have bought her back with me. I’m going to try and keep her in for two weeks and then only let her out when she’s hungry. I’m right in the middle of the countryside, so it wouldn’t take much for her to get herself lost! We’re on day 2 of incarceration and she’s already tried to escape through the inch gap I left with the top window open for ventilation! She seems to have made herself very much at home already though and the area is a wonderful place for a cat to explore.... I just hope she doesn’t try and catch too many rabbits or birds :o(

Dad is going to receive intense physiotherapy in the rehab centre and the occupational therapists will also work with him so that he can regain some mobility. The idea is to encourage and support him to be able to do more for himself, so that he is less worried about returning home as he will be able to look after himself more. We’re meeting at the hospital tomorrow to discuss when and how it will happen. Andy and I went over to look at the place on Saturday and I was pleasantly surprised. Very clean, nice accommodation with very friendly staff. There’s also a large lounge/diner with an enormous TV which I know Dad will like very much! There’s only a dozen residents of the rehab centre which seems to indicate they receive plenty of care and attention. I’m sure that it’s going to be a really good experience for Dad and I hope that he will be able to return home afterwards.

I have been doing a little stitching, so will share some piccies with you. Firstly The Guardian:

I've also been working on Taj:

And here's how the whole thing looks right now:

I'm hoping to finish my first Taj side soon! Happy stitching everyone :o)


Michelle said...

Hi Sam

I am glad to hear your dad is slowly on the mend and that the rehabilitation place seems nice-but hopefully he won't be there too long.

Nice to hear you have another furry friend to keep you company but I don't envy you trying to keep her in lol.

Take care

Sharon said...

Hi Sam, glad to hear things are better with your dad! Your stitching is looking fabulous-remember every little helps!

Doris said...

Iam glad to hear things are better with your dad.

Your stitching is beautiful.

Sally said...

So glad to hear that things are getting better with your Dad.

Your stitching is looking lovely.

Cindy F. said...

Things sound very positive for your Dad and I'll keep him..and my thoughts and prayers, wishing him a very speedy recovery!
"The Guardian" is an amazing piece and so is Taj. Beautiful progress on both:)

fireflydreams said...

Hi Sam, my Grandad had a bad fall a couple of weeks ago too. Mostly due to some sleeping tablets he'd been prescribed, which cause halucinations, loss of simple co-ordination skills and other things.

Once that was out of his system, he had a full body scan, which showed him in excellent physical health, just some blood clots on the brain, which had been shaken and moved during the fall (apparently we all get these clots as we get older) and now they're causing some dementia.

He's just been released into a care home to see how he gets on.

I hope your Dad soon recovers back to his old self again.

Love all your stitching.