Sunday, 7 June 2009


Yes, I caved and let Catkin outside after a week and since then we've had a live baby rabbit (who was very cute!), who Catkin dropped and then it hopped into my trainer to hide! I took it back outside in my trainer and released it again. Then yesterday and today, we have had shrews. Yesterdays didn't survive and the one today doesn't look too healthy, but I guess it's to be expected living in the countryside and keeping a cat.

Dad is still in hospital. He's now not going to the rehab centre, but is going to a rehab unit at another hospital, which is closer to his house. They're just waiting for a bed to become available, so hopefully it won't be too long now. I saw him yesterday and he seemed quite well.

Not any stitching to share, but I will share a few piccies. These are some gorgeous flowers my DB and SIL bought over last week, when we had a lovely walk out in the sunny weather and then they came back for some delicious homemade fishcakes!

This was the view we had on our lovely walk into town - I honestly believe there's no better walk into town anywhere else!

And this is one of the pretty poppies growing in my garden - I love them and have never seen any like it before.

Happy stitching everyone!


Karoline said...

And Catkin looks like butter wouldn't melt in his mouth LOL.

Hope your dad gets his bed in the rehab center quickly

Sharon said...

Such a beautiful cat! Glad to hear your Dad is doing well. Hopefully, he can get into the rehab center soon.