Tuesday, 28 July 2009

Silver wings

I've been stitching Titania's long anticipated silver wings. I've had lots of frogs where the colour or type of thread hasn't been right, but I've finally found what I think I'm happy with (which is a mixture of Petite Treasure Braid, Kreinik and Anchor Lame thread!) and the wings are entirely stitched in metallics:
The effect is very subtle, but definitely silver! They will look more defined once the backstitch has been done. There are infact 7 shades of silver, which isn't very apparent, but I know they are all there. Here is a photo of the whole piece:

Both photos seem to have come out with quite a bluish tint. The fabric is greener IRL.

Life is pretty tough at the moment, which is why I'm not blogging much and have not commented on many other blogs - I do keep updated though through Google Reader which is the best blog tool ever! It's all pretty complicated, but Dad has to go into a nursing home and the arguing about funding has been going on and on for many weeks now. I think we've finally found somewhere for him and they're assessing whether or not they can cater for his needs at the moment. It means that I have to sell his house, which was my home all my life until 4 years ago and the house that Dad wanted me to inherit. That will be especially hard for me as so many memories are tied up with that house, including many of my long passed on and much missed Mum. There's so much sorting and things to do and I'm especially thankful for my sister in law Sally, who has been supportive in so many ways. I'm relishing my stitching at the moment, which helps me to escape and unwind for a while. Keep on stitching folks - I'm enjoying all of your beautiful projects.


Scully said...

Aww Sam, you do seem to be having a rough time, {hugs} The whole care system in this country makes my blood boil and I feel so much for you having to sell your dad's house. Enjoy your stitching, you deserve to. Titania looks lovely btw.

Karoline said...

{{{{Sam}}}} Titania looks lovely

Cindy F. said...

Oh Sam. I'm so sorry to hear about your Dad's health and the stressful decisions your family is having to make. So glad you have your beautiful stitching and your wonderful SIL to help you through.
Sending you HUGE (((HUGS))) and keeping you in my thoughts and prayers.

Sally said...

Sam lots of hugs and positive thoughts coming your way.

Titania is just so beautiful:)

Sharon said...

Sorry to hear so much is going on. Hang in there! Your stitching looks beautiful! {{{hugs}}}