Saturday, 15 August 2009

Winging it!

Hoorah - I have finally finished Titania's first wing:

I hope she doesn't start to fly as she'll be going round in circles! I love the delicate look of the wings and am pleased with how my conversion's come out so far. I started to add one of the ribbons next to her knee as I'm a bit silvered out for a while! So many other things are calling me at the moment, but if I put her down now, she may not see the light of day again for a while. I managed only three finishes last year and so far this year I have NONE! I have no small projects at all amongst my WIPs, so will have to keep on stitching to get at least one finish...

Thank you for all your kind comments and hugs. Dad finally moved to the nursing home this week after being in hospital for nearly 5 months. I visited him on Wednesday and he wasn't quite sure if he liked it, but I know it'll take a while for him to settle in properly. I've got a nice new flatscreen tv/dvd/freeview combo to take over to him today that we chose for him. He's got a tiny tv provided by the home, but can only receive terrestrial channels on it, so now he'll be able to watch all his favourite programmes and dvds too.

Hope everyone has a happy stitchy weekend! :o)


Kathy said...

Hey Sam

WOW she is looking fantastic, I love your conversion too the colours are lovely.

Glad your Dad is ok hun, he'll settle in soon enough hun, I hope he enjoys the new tv/dvd/freeview, its nice when they can watch their fav progs.

Take care hun

Hugs xxxx

Sharon said...

Looking stunning Sam!

Bronny said...

Stunning fabric and wonderful colours - this will be a showpiece when finished.
Hugs for your Dad too!

Doris said...

oh,she look beautiful, and the fabric color is amazing.

Scully said...

She looks so pretty Sam. The fabric colours together with the wing threads looks very airy and fae like.

StitchWiz said...

This is gorgeous and I loooove the fabric you've chosen! Keep us posted on the great work. I have added you to my blogroll!

Vanessa said...

This is one of my favorite charts. I have her on my wishlist - love the fabric you are using.

Nicola said...

I absolutely LOVE your conversion, Sam! She's looking very lovely and I'm sure she'll be patient enough for you to stitch her other wing although I can hear her yelling from here to hurry up and finish it already, heh heh!

I'm sure your dad will settle down soon, it's a big move especially at his time of life, but once he gets to know everyone he'll be right as rain!