Tuesday, 10 August 2004

Baddest Clickie Finger

I really have got one of the worst clickie fingers of anyone I know. Since my last post I have purchased not one, not two, not three but SEVEN new charts!!!! Even for me, thats pretty good going for a 24hr period. Although I must admit that six are second hand and one was from Ebay. Thats the one I'm most excited about..... its my long-awaited 'Watergarden' by Chatelaine! :o))) My stitchy friend Gill alerted me to a new UK seller who has alot of lovely charts but she knew how much I wanted that one in particular, so now its winging its way to me. I have visions of stitching it on a pale blue/green sparkly fabbie, but my credit card has actually run away now due to being over-worked so I really will have to wait till next payday. I'm counting the days already.....

My poor old Dad had day surgery today. He has an ongoing prostrate problem. I'm just thankful its not cancerous really. The surgeon was very pleased with his progress though & he was back home by 11am! Despite working in a hospital, I had never been in a day surgery & wasn't sure how the whole set up worked. We had to get there for 8am & there was around a dozen other people as well. These were the morning patients & when we left at 11am nearly all the beds were empty and waiting for the afternoon patients! They really do whip you in and kick you back out again. We have an emergency number to call incase there are any problems but you do worry incase anything does go wrong & you need to use it! But Dad has been an A1 patient so far & is feeling really well which must be a good sign. I'm sure he'll be back to normal before too long & it'll be like nothing happened. :o)

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