Wednesday, 11 August 2004

Some days I just love my Postman :o)

I have to admit - there are days when I don't like my Postman very much at all - days when he totally ignores me or brings me my credit card bill (I usually run & hide), but thankfully today is one of the days that I love him! He brought my order of hand dyed fabbies from CountryStitch in New Zealand. I now have added 'Mithril' - a gorgeous dark teal (teal is one of my favourite colours) and 'Southern Sky' - beautiful, beautiful mid-dark blue and Debbie, who runs CountryStitch & dyes all the fabbies enclosed 3 swatches too for me - 'Autumn Thyme' - lovely dappley deep pinky/purpley grey/green (hard to describe!), 'Woodland Glow' - my fave of the 3, a gorgeous deep deep rose pink and 'Paua' - a pretty pale green with pink. Its so nice to receive samples of the fabric. Living in the UK has a few downsides - one of them being that no-one makes/sells hand dyed fabric which is actually produced here, so there's nowhere to go & actually gaze on these lovelies! (Hey... maybe I've just spotted a niche in the market....!) It is quite hard to guage sometimes what the colours will be like from my PC monitor, its not quite like groping in the dark, well.... groping in the twilight maybe ;o)
I had a shock earlier. We had been warned we were getting large wheelie bins for recyling collections. Infact I had only been talking to my neighbour about it yesterday & we were saying that there's been a huge backlash about it in my city - alot of people live in Victorian terraces which have a small or in some cases tiny (or in some other cases none!) forecourts. I won't even give it the dignity of calling it a front garden!! Along my street they're reasonably large & can accommodate the bins so I was quite looking forward to it. But a few weeks ago the arsonists struck at the huge depot, about 10 miles away & set fire to the stock of wheelie bins! I was travelling to work in my car & could see a HUGE plume of smoke, probably a couple of hundred feet high. Astonishing! We joked that the arsonists must live in the city & didn't want their wheelie bins! Well, I'd been in & out the house a couple of times today, but I went to pop out this afternoon & got the shock of my life... a huge green Dalek was stood right next to my porch! Yes, the bins had arrived. They are EEEEEE-normous! I'm sure I'll get used to it though. So I've just spent a good hour cutting back the huge hydrangea & choisya bushes in my forecourt and tidying up so I could get the bin through to the far corner where I've decided it will live as I'm a fusspot & don't really want it standing to attention by the front door! I think I'm going to name my bin.... he's going to be called Dusty ;o)

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