Friday, 13 August 2004

It all starts here

Here we go. Another new cross stitch designer discovered & I feel like I have got to get everything NOW! My Chatelaine 'Watergarden' chart arrived today. It looks simply divine! I so can't wait to get a-stitching on it. I've decided that the treats this payday will be the Watergarden kit sans fabbie from European Cross Stitch and a piece of spangly Ocean Reflections linen from Silkweaver to stitch it on. But its 13 days to go till payday..... I've been itching to buy the kit since the weekend & I can't believe its only Thursday & there's still ages to go until my bank manager will be happy. I've splurged so much on the plastic recently & I really can't justify getting anything else this month. Its like a disease - I've never been able to save money, it burns a hole in my pocket like an inferno! I wish I could be good, but I guess I'm just out of control sometimes & then when its over I start feeling bad - its almost like a sugar rush!!!!! (what an addict, eh?) :o( Thats when I like to fondle the stash I've already accumulated & then I get to thinking that I want to start stitching all of them.... NOW! Why is it always now... why oh why oh why?!! :o)

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