Sunday, 19 September 2004

Stitch & Stuff

I'm starting to enjoy stitching Royal Holiday y'know. I love the colours, I love the design but my heart's not really been in it since I started it a few weeks ago. Last week I re-charted her face to over 1 and started stitching it on Friday. Suddenly BAM! I'm anxious to keep stitching her again!!! I'm sure, like everyone else, I go through stitching phases - there's times where I could stitch all day and all night and still want to do more. There's other times where I do put in a couple of hours here & there, but I'm just not as 'into' my stitching as I normally am. I'm sort of inbetween those phases at the moment.

I had a nice surprise yesterday - my friend Gill had made me a beaded scissor fob and posted it to me! It is gorgeous, with some lovely irridescent beads and is now adorning my favourite pair of scissors that go everywhere with me. Thanks again Gill :o)

My alarming accumulation of stitch stash has got to stop. Its becoming obsessive which surely isn't healthy! I have so many things I've bought and then just stuck in my stash drawers - I'm sure there's kits/charts I haven't looked at for a very long time indeed. I'm not going to stop buying stash, but will give myself a monthly stash allowance each payday. That way I can look forward and decide more carefully what things I'd like to buy. And anyway... next payday is only 10 days away ;o)


Faith Ann said...

I know what you mean. I definitely go through periods where I want to stitch more (or less). I'm glad you feel like stitching RH again... I love this piece!

Perhaps if you go through all of your stash, you'll get that warm and fuzzy feeling from looking at all your lovely things and won't feel like buying as much. Maybe? I find this sometimes works, but going cold turkey *never* works for me. I think a budget is a good idea. I basically have a budget each month for "fun" stuff and if I use less of it for eating out or shopping, then I can use it on cross stitch supplies.

Sam said...

Thanks Faith Ann - I certainly have been getting that warm & fuzzy feeling looking through my stash at all those projects that I haven't looked at for ages. I am looking forward to starting most of them! It will be very exciting just to actually get some stitches into them after all this time :o)